The Apart Hotel is situated on the shores of Gutierrez Lake. It’s immersed in the Native Forest surrounded by elderly trees like Coihues, Cypress, Radales and Lauras, etc.

Being in the National Park is guarantee of conservation of the environment and helps the feeling of being “surrounded by green”

It’s strategical location at the back of Mountain San Martín, Mountain Catedral and in front of hills Otto and Ventana gives the Apart Hotel an amazing and unique view.

In addition Mountains gives a natural coverage against the winds providing most days a placidness to the waters difficult to find in another place.

The coast has a gentle slope that allows direct access to the lake from the gardens of the Apart Hotel.

Gutierrez lake is one of the most splendid and colorful mirror of water around the region, has north – south orientation and runs parallel to scenic Route Number 40. With an longitudinal extension of 11 km and 2 km of wide on average is ideal for trekking or sailing it with motorboats or kayaks.

These green waters contains a big variety of trouts, ideal for sports fishing and is common to find flat lake’s shore of fine sand that invites you to relax.